Boy's Don't Cry

Yeah, I've been having some werid experiences lately. I thought I'd share.

-To the woman in the elevator:

Please do not stare at me, it is rude. It is also unbelivably scary, you little creep. It's bad enough I have the elevator camera watching my paranoid ass everytime I get on board, why add to the claustrophobia? Perhaps because you had a boy my age who died/left you/raped you/maintained a perpetual-stare-at-you-in-an-elevator, guess what, I'm not him. Leave me the hell alone old woman. I'm not going to say start a conversation, and I'm not going to smile. So for your own vertebral sake, keep your desperate eyes off me.

-To the guy at the supermarket:

Sorry, I do not have money for a wasted piece of teen-shit like yourself (or any stranger for that matter). From your clothing, I guess you've had a troubling life, a mother who left your father for a better man, your father who left you for an easier life, a sister you abused and a dog you killed for food during midwinter. Whatever the case may be, I'm not giving you money only because you asked.

-To the Mormon assholes who knock on my door:

It's Sunday morning, did you know that? Do you bloody fools do Sundays? Because I do. Get the hell out of my face/sight/building/life, please. If you're trying to convert me, leave. You'll have a better shot with a dead Hindu. I get it, you're a couple of nice, young boys who're doing this out of stupidity or selfish gains, guess what? I don't care what you have to offer. I don't care what God wants from me, and I don't care if I'm on my way to hell. And if I am, come visit me there, because the misery just wouldn't be the same without you bastards spiritually harrassing me.

-To that dumbass customer at my workplace:

No we do not sell Thank You Cards in packets of 25 each, we don't because that's simply too god damned specific and the world doesn't revolve around your insanely unique requets. Why would any store have that... and a dollarama of all? What's next, a flying carpet?? Perhaps something stupider? Coming from you, nothing would sound too absurd I guess. And when I finally found you a pack of 20 thank you cards, you go even further with your faggotry, 'these have bells drawn on them, bells symbolize marrige' So WHAT? What the hell man? They're freaking blank, write anything on them that you want. People aren't even going to read the cliche bullcrap you're going to fill this 2-inch piece of paper with. You're a disgrace to human kind, a retarded chicken would probably be more reasonable. Whatever, I hope you die so I can leave a thank-you card at your grave.

-To my revered readers:

Please... I understand why you appear as anonymous, to rid yourself of all possible recognition and consequence. And if staying nameless makes you feel like a Marvel hero, I'm okay with that too.. but atleast let me know through an alternative method who you are. I really value your comments and I'd like to know who you are to embrace you with the gratitude you deserve for your priceless responses and feedback. Please, use a name, or atleast a pseudonym of some sort which lets me distinguish your identity. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Lots of Lav



Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I do realise that posting this anonymously is probably going to aggravate you further than my presumptuousness in giving the following comment (but you'll probably end up mocking me anyway).

This amount of cynicism and negativity in a person as young as yourself is just unnatural. Would it kill you to take a look at the positive aspects of life? Optimism is overrated, but it would be nice to read a post that isn't laden with sarcasm.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ouch. I'm genuinely hurt. And it really was a good idea to stay anonymous. This way helps me not to view your post with a pre-established bias.
You know how young I am? And that I find optimism unnecessary? And that I'm full of sarcasm? You know me dangerously well for someone who's apparently anonymous.
In any case, I know what you mean. I'll try doing better in the future.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I doubt an embrace of gratitude would be received for this frank comment. I’m not trying to irritate you by appearing anonymous or striving to feel like a “Marvel hero” either. You’re swift to judge a stranger in a supermarket by his clothing. The “dumbass” at your workplace seems more reasonable and considerate. Would you buy anyone a single Thank You card or “waste time” signing it? Especially to a dead man who you’d labeled as a retarded chicken and wished death. If a man buying Thank You cards is a disgrace to human kind, who isn’t? And take into consideration the lady in the elevator might not have been interested. Have some respect. The world doesn’t revolve around you either.

  A Stygian Elysium

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I find that Raza's Dear Blog is not a content-based blog but rather a character blog - I know I learn more about him through this delightful piece of cyberspace than through conversations on a daily basis.

Your points carry a lot of weight, and because you don't know Raza personally, it's fair that you see his blog in a different light than his acquantainces do.

The only phrase of yours which nagged on me was the one loaded with "ageism" - "This amount of cynicism and negativity in a person as young as yourself is just unnatural." What exactly does that mean? Youths of this generation are, bar none, THE most cynical to ever come out of womens' urethras. Age shouldn't even be taken into consideration when criticizing world-views, lest the bigot in you peek out.

Good entry and comments. Post more so I can learn more.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Keep the intellectually/vertically esteemed comments rolling everyone, because here I am too with my two pennies worth... ahem.

Well this is noticeably , interesting. We've got ourselves an Atheist, or at least a Christian here, given that religion the only catagory of human arrogance you've truly spared.
If you're aching for a snappy reply , I could give it a shot. Respect is a virtue, not an award. It can't be given or had, earned rather. Respectively, while the world doesn't revolve around me, my blog certainly does.
Cheap of me but, four of the five scenarios were made-up, can you guess which four? Hint hint, they are successive. Which is irrelevant but really, if I were being personal this would be a journal and not a blog : ) I'm still glad it sounded convincing though. (I really do have the job , that part would be pathetic to make up)
Your criticism still is, in fact, completely valid since that is my honest opinion on the matters discussed. I refuse to debate it with you because, I already respect you and I fear I might end up losing another friend as I do by the end of most such arguments. They deal with delicate issues, and your comment tells me I've done a good job of thoroughly exploiting that.
I still love what you said though, someone finally spoke to shut me the fuck up. I look forward to more of these insights. No sarcasm intended.
As for your anonimity, leave it unexplained if that's what you deem appropriate.
-with regards


Thursday, July 10, 2008

If, according to your theory, respect isn’t given or had, it doesn’t exist. How can someone be capable of giving respect they don’t own themselves? I’ve initially formed a comment simply to express my opinion about the post (which most likely foreshadowed my opinion of the entire Blog) and had no intent of triggering any arguments.

The knowledge of almost all the scenarios being made up somewhat changes things. However, not enough for me to retrieve any of my previous statements. There are different ways of expressing and describing diverse situations. It’s quite obvious which one you’ve chosen making your pessimism more apparent. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a complaint against your writing skills but furthermore it isn’t a praise for your view points. The lack or required optimism in a person your age is merely my opinion.

A Stygian Elysium, I’m afraid you’re wrong. “Your points carry a lot of weight, and because you don't know Raza personally, it's fair that you see his blog in a different light than his acquantainces do.” For some reason, you’ve chosen to form this as a confident statement instead of a question. Perhaps hoping for me to disagree/agree therefore revealing something about myself? Pure assumption. We are seeing this in the same light. I’m not a fan of irrationally criticizing a stranger.

  A Stygian Elysium

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fortunately, I am.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Geez, Fan.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

You really should at least give the pandas some money. Anyway, I couldn't help myself and had to comment after reading the comments that precede mine.

I do not know the intended purpose of Raza's blog, but I'm almost certain that whatever it is it involves having other people read it. There would be no point in such a public display without wanting it to be viewed to some degree. That is why I would like to address the rest of this comment to you:

Dear Anonymous,

You previously wrote, "The amount of cynicism and negativity in a person...", here you focus on Raza as a person, but it's his writing that has led you to believe this. Even the most positive people can create the most cynical atmosphere in their writing (although, I'm not saying that Raza is a very positive person to begin with). My point here is that you would have not even bothered to read Raza's blog if it did not include such negativity. It's conflict that arouses interest, and flowery descriptions of the wonderful things in life might not attract as much attention as the views presented on Raza's blog. I think his approach is bringing us all crawling back, and if I'm not mistaken, this should be considered a success and not taken so seriously as to considering Raza an angry little boy with nowhere else to vent. You must admit, he kept you reading. Thank you, if you took the time to read this, that's all I have to say to you, Mr/Mrs. Anonymous.


Other than that, I cringe at the thought of how this might be used against me somehow by Raza himself. Spare me, I think Fan-kun would gladly take my place.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Dollarama story = hilarious

Is that the one that isnt made up? Well it happens to be the only one i read completely.

Btw, why does every person who commented write such perfect english? haha :P

and wat u got against pandas and jews?:P


Monday, June 29, 2009

The one from the elevator is made up!
Some of my friends are grammar nazi's, don't mind them.
Thanks! If you thought it was funny, I believe you've assessed my intention correctly! Blablabla, nerdspeek ftw

Anyway, thanks for reading, I didn't think people still read this.