Capitalism: A God is You! (or me)

Well, it's been a while since I criticized God. Contrary to the obvious assumption, I'm not about to do it here. I'm going to do something much more offensive, target your (and my) species.

Well, this might get a little bit poignant so if you're not used to being insulted or opposed personally, well (you probably are if you read my blog, my apologies and gratitude), keep reading this! You need the experience.

Ah... first off. I'd like to establish that I've never truly hated God. Her and I agree on many topics in fact, and quite frankly if I were in her position I wouldn't give a crap about this race either. Why? I'm too great, and humans are too dislikeable. It'll be like chasing after pond amoeba, maybe much less rewarding. They're just microscopic filth (as are we), and thus easier to kill/exterminate. And so God did what I would've done. Integrate them with an entropic mechanism, and leave the freedom of choice to them. So really, God's done nothing wrong so far, you (we) have.

Now I'd like to make the distinction between your God and mine. They're entirely different creatures. Your God isn't even your's. You are that religious asswipe who wishes hell for me, or has the guts to openly declare my damnation. You had someone else decide your beliefs, systems, morals, laws, and God for you. When really, the chance of us following the righteous religion is already 1/40,000th or something. And suppose you win that lottery, the odds of God approving your religious expectations or fulfilling the promises of heaven and hell you made to each other, are laughably stupid for something to count on as a life plan.

With that cleared up, I’d re-enforce the fact. I do not hate God, it’s human’s I don’t trust and they started religions. It probably amuses God to know what absurdity he’s accredited for, so much so that he doesn’t bother to interfere and instead watches the show on his IMAX home theatre. He’s a real chill. He doesn’t really want us to kill each other, but he’s given us the potential to pick either side.

Perhaps he did this to evaluate his own nature. If he built us in his image, he did it so he could sort out his own preferences, by having parts of himself act and react to situations. Damn, that’s far-fetched. A hell lot simpler and (meta)logical than most of the crap you try to spoon-feed/beat-into us. [/naive speculation]

Whichever the case may be, if God’s up there, the last thing on his mind while he made us would’ve probably been for us to give him attention. Remember, necessity and need are human attributes and requirements. A part of being God is not needing such things, and transcending human emotions and desires. Do you at least see where I’m cuming from?

Moral of the story: All work and no pray makes Jack a rich muthafucka.

Stop thinking about God, he doesn’t need your prayers to live as much as you need your time to survive through the quandaries you’ve collectively laid out for yourselves. Why should you listen to me despite of me sounding aggravatingly utilitarian? It’s because I might be God’s way of counselling you to do something worthwhile and beneficial for yourself and others. Regardless of what you believe in, there’s always the chance of it being the truth, no?

I realise how I alternate between genders (of God) now and then but that’s just my internal conflict reflected through careless writing. Yeah, eye reallii dunt go bck 2 addit theze.


  A Stygian Elysium

Friday, July 18, 2008

The only thing wrong with this entry is that it's true.

And we don't want the truth to be out there, do we?


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We don't.
Conveniently, my blog is too shitty to attract any real attention. It's a pain-killer for me, time-killer for others. An utterly dysphoric symbiosis.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

wat do u mean by real attention


Thursday, July 24, 2008

You can answer that, better than I can.